Enliven and protect your garage floor!

We install industrial strength garage floor coatings that will protect your garage floor from oil stains and harsh de-icing chemicals that your vehicle picks up in the winter. These coatings are also excellent moisture barriers and will protect any rooms underneath your garage floor. Contact us to find out more about the different styles and colors available!

These products have over 30 years of field and lab testing!

  • Crack Resistant
  • Custom Designs
  • Waterproof
  • Slip Resistant
  • Fast Installations
  • Seamless
  • 99% Radon Elimination
  • Resists Moisture Vapor
  • Retains Negative Hydrostatic Pressure
  • Perfect for Interior
  • Perfect for Exterior Applications
  • Excellent for Commercial and Residential Applications

Using the worlds only liquid rubber coating system, we are able to offer a product that permanently repairs and bonds to concrete, wood, fiberglass, and metal. Our unique coatings create a deep and flexible penetration with 590% elongation.

This is a decorative, multi-lift, high strength concrete resurfacing system. It is used for environments requiring an attractive, high performance floor or when a concrete floor needs the protection of a moisture controlling system.

This fast-setting “bond-like-crazy” flexible membrane is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after coatings on the market today!

Graniflex Flakes / Quartz Broadcast System

You can guarantee unmatched performance in endless application environments. Combining these products and the decor of polymer flakes, color quartz, color micas, or sand, our ultimate coatings stand strong against the elements while providing an attractive, custom designed UV resistant surface.

100% CRACK PROOF options. The flexible penetration technology of this product never gets brittle over time and cures as tough as truck tires INSIDE the capillaries of your concrete. 1000’s of PERMANENT colorful chip combinations. Get the look of Granite or Quartz flooring in your garage!

Lifetime Warranty Available!

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